Peter Hurford

Peter Hurford is an undergraduate senior at Denison University, where he studies political science and psychology. He has a blog called Everyday Utilitarian where he chronicles his life journey to make the world a better place, writing on topics ranging from philosophy and politics to self-improvement and philanthropy. His writings have been featured by Giving What We Can, 80000 Hours, LessWrong, and the Effective Altruism Blog.

When not writing or doing schoolwork, Peter spends a lot of time working with .impact and volunteering for Animal Charity Evaluators. At Denison, he is on the cabinet of the Denison Community Association and is the the Recruitment Chair of his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. He is also involved with Denison Venture Philanthropy, a grant-making organization for Licking County.

In the past, he has been an Senate intern for Senator Richard Lugar, a Research Manager intern for Giving What We Can, and a volunteer for Effective Fundraising.